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'The Playful Squirrels' Fairy Garden "Chonky" D12

'The Playful Squirrels' Fairy Garden "Chonky" D12

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Oh this one is a big one! Measuring 4" across and 4" high this D12 will fill yur entire hand. And depending on the roll, that might not be a bad thing!

This "Chonky" D12 is the First in a Series! Fairy Garden "Chonky" Dice! Each one in the series will feature a different fairy garden scene on the inside. "Chonky" dice may vary between D8, D12, and D20. Figures inside range from dried flowers and moss to acrylic and resin figurines and minatures. Dice are still playable! Inked with custom blend inks, and hand cast. Dice has been used with a pressure pot, but minor imperfections may still occur. 

'The Playful Squirrels' features a fun trio of squirrels just enjoying the day among the forest and the butterflies! One happily enjoying some lunch while the other sleeps and their friend leaps down from the rocks to get to them. The scene can be seen through the windows of the dice at every angle!

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