Meet The Artist

About the Artist

Creation, and art, is healing both in the making and the keeping. I make art to heal, and hope my art brings your heart joy as well.

Hello all! I'm Liz, or as many online have called me for years - Mina. I'm a 41 year old permanently disabled single mom with a passion for art. I have hEDS, a connective tissue disorder named Hypermobile Elhers-Danlos Syndrome, and I am both Autistic and ADHD and special interest in various art mediums including resin.

I'm currently on a healing journey that inspires much of the art that I make. Not only do I enjoy making one of a kind pieces, I love stretching my mediums to the limit of what they are capable of.

Everything I make is with resin, or mixed media, generally including vinyls. I've been learning different arts over the years and are finally combing all of those learned skills into Resin Art, and branching myself out to follow my passion as an artist. Thank you for being here, and thank you for your support! I truly hope you love any piece I've made, and look forward to continuing to grow, learn, improve and upgrade with you!